Lucky’s Green

Green 1From all the greys i see green.

Lucky’s Friend!


His name is Dice (Zarry) and he is 3.5 months old. He seems to have characteristics of a breed called ” maine coon “. I saw him on an advert on the facebook and I loved his bushy hair! Some girls had seen him crossing a central street in the northern suburbs and they took him to the vet where he stayed for four days. There, he had his first vaccine and a treatment for his eye infection.


He came at home for a trial period of 3 days. I had said that if we got on well with each other, I would keep him. As soon as he entered the house he was sociable, he liked playing and eating, which was unusual for a small kitten being at a new place. During the first few days he would bite his toys and carry them to secret places just like tigers do with their prey! He soon started to sharpen his claws on my sofa!


He likes hiding in various places, under the bed, behind the curtains.He even climbs on the curtains! And i’m Zoi his mum!

The poem


Lucky Together!

Merry Christmas!!

Lucky and the Neighbour!


And so he stood there, looking at me, confused.
“Who are you?” he said.

His voice sounded weird in my ears..
“I’ll tell you my name if you’ll tell me yours”, I replied.

He took a deep breath, “I’m the Neighbour”.

Neighbour, that’s not a name I thought.

“I told you mine now its only fair to tell me
yours” he said and his eyes glowed.

“You asked my name, and I will tell it.”
He turned his head and his pupils dilated
from excitement.
“My name is Noman. Noman,
my father, mother, and friends call me.”

He sneered at me “Noman?”
“it’s nice to meet you Noman”
he said and turned to leave.

“Its always a pleasure to meet a neighbour” I replied.
And that was the first and the last time I saw him.

Οὖτις ἐμοί γ’ ὄνομα· Οὖτιν δέ με κικλήσκουσι
μήτηρ ἠδὲ πατὴρ ἠδ’ ἄλλοι πάντες ἑταῖροι.”
Ομήρου Οδύσσεια
Ραψωδία Ι 366

“My name is Noman;
this is what my father and mother
and my friends have always called me.”
Homer, Odyssey
Book IX

Lucky’s playground!

What do you mean i’m not supposed to be here? Clothes1 Clothes2

Lucky and the blossoms of the Almond tree

Something new was brought in today.
Something white, something pink. Its perfume filled the room.
I need to get closer, to see it to smell it to taste it.
I’m an explorer after all.





The milestone

Another day, another milestone for me.
I’ve been sterilized. I still feel a bit dizzy but mum says I’ll be okay.
Last night it was a nightmare, I couldn’t stand on my paws.
But my family took a good care of me and mum was with me all night.
Now it’s all a blur but soon everything will clean up and I’ll be back.
Soon very soon.

Lucky Selfie

Lucky Christmas

What sort of magic is this?
All those lights and trees, the ornaments and the sweets.
The atmosphere has changed. I have a tree to hide
and sparkly balls to play with. I don’t know what it is
but I love it already. My very first Christmas.
xmas xmas2 xmas3

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”
Charles Dickens